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Cloudless St john Castle

Seems spring has arrived

Limerick Roller Derby Girls

Having fun during the St Patrick Parade in O'Connell Street

More info about Roller Derby from their website ( )

Founded in March 2011, Limerick Roller Girls is an all-female flat track roller derby league based in Limerick, Ireland. Roller Derby is a fast, fun, furious contact sport played on roller skates, and is growing in popularity at a huge rate around the world. We are a fledgeling league, and have yet to play our first bout, but we are receiving huge amounts of support and encouragement, both from leagues around Ireland and from our local community.

Gaelic sportsman statue cluse up

Statue in O'Connell Street

St Patrick 2012 - 3

Paddy on his horse... no bull

St Patrick 2012 - 2


St Patrick 2012 - 1

St  Patrick Parade Limerick 2012

Bourkes - Pugwash

Another class act in Bourkes, this time Pugwash

And you can have a listen here