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Swan squadron cruising on the Shannon

Swans on the Shanon river

Castle Flags

St John Castle

House [1]

White house, found walking along the new Shannon walk ( side of the stone treaty )


A nice pub on the north side of the Shannon: Curragower in front of St john Castle

Stone Treaty

The famous stone treaty in Limerick
The treaty ended the war Williamite War in Ireland, the treaty was signed in Limerick in 1691, on supposedly that stone.

More: Wikipedia Treaty of Limerick

The Bard of Thomond

Bronze statue of the Bard of Thomond, it's located on St John Castle Plaza.
The bard of Thomond (ie Michael Hogan) was a poet

"I am Bard to none but the God above
Who sent me the gift of the Song
From His angel-choir, and taught me
to love
The right, and to hate the wrong!
I sing no tinsell'd autocrat's praise,
I crouch at no lordling's knee:
Nor birth nor blood, but the True and
the Good,
And the Loving, are themes for me!"

From "A Life Picture"

Orbituary of the bard of Thomond here


After the rain, there's always a rainbow, at his end you may find a pot of gold.... or a church in this case