Saturday, October 04, 2008

Day 1.

I've been looking for a while a blog called Grenoble Daily Photo , it shows a picture a Grenoble everyday. I used to live in Grenoble before coming to Ireland, so it's interesting to rediscover part of this city ( and even some parts I did not know).

So it kinda of inspirate me to do the same with the town I am currently living in : Limerick.
So here we go:

You can find this gentleman and his friends on the walls of the City Gallery of Art.

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Gail's Man said...

Welcome to the crazy world of blogging. I hope you'll be happy here. I'm not sure whether you're the first blogger from southern Ireland.

the end....

This blog will no longer be updated as I have moved away from Limerick.... Limerick, beside the white house pub